My silver lining…….


It’s hard to find good friends and it’s even harder to maintain the friendship. I met him in 2007, in office. A new world, a new city and so was the new office. I never expected that it was easy to find/ meet friends at the work place. From the anecdotes my seniors used to tell I thought colleagues could never be friends.

I still remember that day and so does he. It was my first day in office and the HR asked me to call someone sitting in a cabin. I timidly approached the cabin and addressed the gentleman sitting inside as ,”sir” .The whole confusion was because he was wearing a blazer and I thought he is someone senior. This was the first time we saw each other and he still never forgets to pull my leg over this incident.

I can never forget, to get hold of my mobile once he ran after the bus. I guess he ran for around 2 kms and successfully brought my mobile back. I still can’t thank him enough for this. How can I forget those shenanigans and that maggie 😛 (at Lodhivali) how can I forget his  zero size and zero brain girl friends who used to change every month 😛 how can I forget that he made me push his bike once!? How can I forget his advise to me to workout!? How can I forget he pestering me to find a guy and to get married? How can I forget his amazing wedding with pretty PriYanka? How can I forget that he is the only one who trusts my driving skills!?

Since, 2007 we have seen each other rising and falling, in our personal and professional lives. It’s so much fun to stalk guys (of course for me with him). There are very few people who don’t judge you (even if you blabber anything) and he is amongst them. He is someone whom I can call anytime at night and he would be all ears to me. I guess he is the one with whom I can talk anything under the sky. I am sure if at middle of night I call him and ask for help he will be at the door step the next moment. I am blessed to have him as my friend. I can’t forget those days when we both were going through the tough phase of our lives and used to call each other just to share our feelings. Many times we have so many people around us however there is only one with whom you can share your feelings. We both know the importance of each other in our lives. We may not call each other daily, we may not meet each other frequently but we always have each other when we need. It’s not that the length of friendship that counts but certainly the depth counts.

Love you yaar PJ!! This very well explains our friendship 🙂

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” ― Elbert Hubbard


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  1. prakash joshi says:

    U r still my.lifetine Maddy…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hats of to “PJ”😊


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