My Inspiration!!

She is one of the most intelligent females I have ever met, someone with an amazing sense of humour and someone with extremely good cooking skills. She is someone who is very strong yet emotional and compassionate when it is about the people close to her.

How can I forget the night when she got married, everyone in her family had tears in her eyes and she was the one telling them, “Oh!,after spending so much money (on her lavish wedding ) you all shouldn’t cry”, and at that very moment I could see everyone smiling.

I have always loved her company (be it watching movies, shopping, or bitching) , she is someone with whom I could spend hours and would still feel that those weren’t enough.  I can never forget the movie “Mere Baap Pehle Aap”, we went together to watch and I was laughing (very loudly) at every scene and at every nonsense joke, so at the end of the movie she declared that she would never ever watch any movie with me. (poor me). I felt so bad , as I never watched any movie without her, I had to miss 3 movies to convince her that I won’t disappoint her again.

Some moments are the most memorable ones, and my farewell at Reliance was one of them, when Sheetal brought Sheera, puri and subzi for me. I can never ever forget that day.

She has played several roles in my life. She has always guided me, as a friend, as a sister and as a colleague. I still remember when my father was sick and I needed someone to concede my feelings she was the one I called. We used to talk for hours and at the end of every call I used to feel better. She has always been the healer to me. She is the one who Can sense whenever something is wrong with me. I remember once my father was hospitalised and she called me up, and asked whether every thing was fine, as if she had sensed that. Now, she isn’t with me, we haven’t met each other since last 2 years, she has become extremely busy, but I know if I need her anytime she will be there for me.

Sheetal, I never told you this, you are someone who will always be an inspiration for me!!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Nandita says:

    And you don’t know…but are the Inspiration for many… Maddy


  2. Nandita says:

    And you don’t know…but you are the Inspiration for many… Maddy


  3. Awesome dedication to Sheetal , every one should have at least one friend like “sheetal”😊


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