Dear Salman Bhai,

I was in class 4 when I first watched you on the big screen romancing Madhuri Dixit in the movie “Hum Aapke Hain Kaun”. You and Madhuri Dixit just sizzled on the screen effortlessly. It was a family drama and my parents kept discussing about the story and the songs. However, I was mesmerised by the way you charmed Madhuri Dixit. After “Hum Aapke Hain Kaun”, I have seen several of your movies. However, the Salman who sings the title track of “Hum Aapke Hain Kaun” will always be phenomenal. These days most of your movies are entering the 100 crore club, and that makes me very happy. It’s so much admirable that you still make actors half your age, run for the money.  I haven’t been following your movies recently; however, I always keep a track of your controversies. Your alleged affairs with your co-stars from Sangita Bijlani, Aishwarya Rai to  Katrina Kaif have always been talk of the town. Your recent interview in “Koffee with Karan” raised many eyebrows for your controversial acceptance of being a virgin.

You are a charismatic person and a crowd puller. You have seen success and failure both in your 25 years long career in Hindi movie industry. So many actors have come and become obsolete, but you still rule. You have shared screen with a range of leading ladies like Madhuri Dixit to someone (recent) like Sonakshi Sinha.  Be it dancing on songs like, “Hud hud Dabaang” or hosting the controversial show like Bigg Boss you have always proved your mettle and have always emerged as a great entertainer. Your dialogues like “Jub maine commitment kar di toh main apne baap ki bhi nahin sunta”, have made millions of Indians go crazy. I don’t think in the history of Indian cinema (the history and the present I have witnessed) no one looked as hot as you did, shirtless with a guitar in the song “oh oh jaane jana”. I am sure you stole hearts of million females and became a trendsetter for the upcoming actors after that appearance. I respect you immensely for standing up for a noble cause and starting the NGO Being Human.

Salman Bhai, today on 6th of May 2015, you got convicted for 5 years and we all felt bad about it. You have always made us cry in your movies, but today when you cried I didn’t feel like crying. At that moment I could only imagine the family of the person whom you killed. We never ever expected our “Hero” would kill someone. We never thought that our hero will drink, drive and kill someone. You are an inspiration for many Indians.  Now, as you have been convicted we all have lost hope in humanity. We don’t want a super hero who  has killed some one who was innocent. If instead of crying and creating a scene you accept your fault and feel guilty about it, then we could at least give you another chance.


An ardent Fan!!


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  1. kumar Ayush says:

    I guess he should have convicted earlier atleast the life of the chinkara was saved.

    He was convicted for 5 years in( hunting chinkara case) too but I don’t think he spent even 5 month in jail.Even though 5 year is too less a punishment for killing a person but i sincerely hope he spend full term this time.


  2. true Madhavi.. That title song still mesmerizes many..


    1. Yes Nitish…how can we forget that!


  3. Abhinav says:

    I have never been his follower though but his old movies were real fun which showed values of people. And I think it took very long for us to know the real Him.


    1. Yeah!! He has shown us so many colours that it always is difficult to understand him


  4. True ! Salman is good actor !


    1. Hey thanks for taking out time and reading all the blogs…really appreciate!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Check my new post” request !!” I have requested for “just to through your posts “


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