Womaniya!! Womaniya!!

I have watched Deepika Paukone’s video on women empowerment several times, the one directed by Homi Adajani and produced by Vogue. The reason I watched it several times was beacuse I failed to understand the messaged conveyed in the video. She talks about women empowerment and the choices a woman makes to lead her life. In her video she conveys that empowerment is from within neither from the size we are nor from the clothes we wear. She also tells us that its woman’s choice to get married or not to get married. There are some points in the video that appeal me, however it doesn’t make a permanent mark in my mind. I don’t agree completely with the message conveyed in the video. She not only has a zero size but also endorses it, by featuring in several advertisement that help maintain a zero size figure. How can someone who is a size zero tell others to be comfortable in the size they are in? The video was produced by Vogue, a magazine that earns money by objectifying women.  So still trying to resolve this irony! In the video Deepika talks about having sex outside marriage and I thought she broke up with Ranbir as he was cheating upon her. Anyways I am really not interested to discuss her personal life, the only question I would like to ask her is, How can infidelity empower an women?

 What does empowerment mean to me?

When in the movie, Queen the female protagonist Kangna Ranaut aka Rani roams around the streets of Paris and Amsterdam, meets new people, gets drunk and sings “Maine oothon se lagayi toh” and dances like no ones watching , I think that was liberation. Similarly, in Piku the female protagonist is a fiercely independent woman, who works as an architect, has a need based relationship with her colleague and takes care of her overtly cynical father who is too honest and critical.

What liberates a woman?

A woman who steps outside her house,is financially independent, lives on her own, hunts for a flat on her own, drives in the traffic (especially in a country like India), sometimes party’s till 4 am in the morning and yet cares for her family is liberated according to me. A woman who is not scared being judged by the society, choses her partner on her own, decides when its time for her (to get married), wears what she wants and carries that with élan,  raises her voice whenever its required, one who makes choices (sometimes regrets) and moves ahead is liberated according to me. In her address one of our senior leaders said, “ we as women are afraid of failure, so one thing we should always remember to stretch our wings and jump off the cliff. If we have the strength we survive otherwise we learn from our mistake.” I think that’s emancipation.

“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.” ― Coco ChanelThe Gospel According to Coco Chanel: Life Lessons from the World’s Most Elegant Woman


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  1. Ayush says:

    Nicely written..
    I guess when a woman is financially independent, can differentiate between right and wrong , and have courage to stand for it..then everything else will automatically taken care of..

    And empowerment certainly doesn’t include driving in traffic!!


    1. Yeah you should try driving..the way ppl yell on you is so frustrating


  2. arunima0201 says:

    Bang ON Girlfriend! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. P G says:

    I think both men and women needs to liberate themselves from the shell of their own making. Freedom is liberty to make choices without fear and we all want to be free, so what prevents us from being so? Nothing but our own inhibitions and dogmas that we learn and propagate through our lifetimes. We all have locked ourselves in our own shackles and waiting for an angel to liberate us. I think freedom will come the day we simplify our own lives, and go back to the basics. Someone important once said ‘We all are naked inside our clothes’ and i feel it sums it up all.

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    1. Yo Bong!! Bang on 🙂


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