Happy Men’s Day!!!

7:50 am: While driving for office ,I was listening to Disha (the radio jockey), who has recently received an international award in the best morning show category (No, no she hasn’t paid me to write this), was wishing men on the International Men’s day. Oh yes today 19th November is celebrated as International Men’s day and I bet even men don’t know about it. I guess even men are oblivion to the fact that society celebrates their day too.

8:00 am : I tune in to another radio channel and there Sharddha (another radio jockey) discusses some men’s issues. I remember one caller telling her that how his wife and her family are harassing him and his family.

It’s around 8:30 am in the morning, I reach office and While trying to park my car after several trails, the security walks in and directs me  🙂 I thank him and walk away.

9:00 am : Check my emails, reply to a few mails, go for the meeting.

10:00 a.m : I get a call from my (male) friend who is worried about his nagging wife. I assure him to call him back.

10:30 a.m : I attend another meeting lasts around an hour.

11:30 a.m : Back to the desk I struggle with the excel sheet, my (male) colleague helps me to sort out the issue.

12:00 p.m : I go for lunch, discuss some political issues (ISIS, Paris attack, Modi, increase in tax) , listen to the latest technology over the lunch table and then head back for some work.

1:00 p.m : I again get struck with the excel sheet my colleague helps me out, I finish the work and email the excel sheet.

3:00 pm: I call my friend and instead of listening his story I bitch about a common friend, he listens carefully and suggests me to not to give undue importance to such trivial issues and to chill. I happily disconnect the phone and continue to work on another project..

7:00 p.m: I am driving back from office and again the radio jockey discusses the international men’s day …. I immediately wish the two men sitting in my car (who were tolerating my driving) Suddenly my car gets in  one of the many potholes on the road, I accelerate but fail, I again accelerate but fail, finally they both get down and push my car so that I am through!!

So, I thought this is an ideal day to thank all the important men in my life. Those men who have been around me, have influenced or changed my life directly or indirectly. They have always been like fulcrum in my life. I thank them for tolerating my nakhras, my undercooked or overcooked dishes, my bad mood, my bad driving, my careless attitude, my silly mistakes, my stupid questions, sometimes my stupid ego, my laziness, my aggression and me.

From my dad to my car washer, all play a crucial role in my life. What would I have done if dad wasn’t there to hold me when I first fell from the bicycle ? What would I have done without nitin bhaiya who used to do anything to bring a smile on my face? Would I have understood the word love without that ex who broke up with me when I was in class 5? ( the reason: I didn’t give him the Ferrero Rocher that my Aunt brought from Dubai)
There are a few male friends who help me buy electronic products, they have an impeccable choice. They keep themselves updated with the latest technologies and are always ready to help!!! What would I have done without Ansari who drew my graphics sheets (as I suck at drawing) ? Would college days be so memorable without those silly jokes that ticks cracked? Would the first drink be so memorable without PJ? What I would have done without Bong who listens to all my stupid crazy blog ideas and suggests improvements?

9:50 PM : I am looking at the updates on my Facebook page. I remember about the men’s day so wish all the awesome and sexy men a Happy Men’s Day…to which a friend replies finally you accepted…

10:00 P.M: I am watching TV and the advertisement says men will be men 😛


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  1. Ashik T M says:

    Good one..! Finally men are honoured:)


  2. Beautiful post, 👍
    I must appreciate your decision to writer on Men on Men’s Day.

    the way you have certificated with timings how Important Men are important in your life.


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    1. yes and we (women) always forget to thank them

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      1. ☺☺👍💐👌

        Liked by 1 person

  3. The forgotten sex is finally honored. Thank you. Smile.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks for reading it!!

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  4. Prakash joshi says:

    Ha ha.. Madds.. Men will b men.
    I m the laziest of all the men in ur life, reading all ur blogs after 5-6mnths.
    As I told u if a man is simple n decent he will always be suppressed. But if he choose to be a harami all things falls in line.
    Anyway stuck in my life these days will get back soon..
    Chao !

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    1. stuck in life….ohhh dude chill u will be fine i know 🙂 saale lazy toh hain tu


  5. Jaquline says:

    i liked the way you ended it which is so true

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  6. Lavish Garg says:

    men will be men =D =D

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