Writing opportunity

Writing enthusiast…here is an opportunity to write for a platform thatmate.com. Interested!? Please comment here 🙂


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  1. Ashik T M says:

    I love to read lot…but one day for sure I will contribute something from my side if you accept that☺

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    1. Please do so!! The sooner the better 🙂


      1. Ashik T M says:

        What kind of writings you expect from us..since that mate covers about sexual taboo in our society .Do I need to concentrate on that topic?

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      2. Yes you can write on child abuse, Premarital sex, female foeticide, misconception about child abuse, misconception about contraception.. anything


      3. Ashik T M says:

        Thanks for the details once if i done with my writing can I able to send you by mail for your review and publication in your wall


  2. Will you never write it again here ?😊


    1. It’s been difficult to write these days…but will definitely write one 🙂 Thanks for reminding. How have you been? Haven’t been following your blogs too…will definitely visit them

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      1. I am doing fine, missed you many times. If you don’t feel like it’s ok !😊 Stay well , healthy , peaceful with all success and happiness.

        I don’t know we miss few people in smallest interaction in our life being a stranger to each other some times feel intense bonding with such souls.

        I didn’t wrote any thing for quite few months but again back and sort of regular now.

        Stay blessed and many more thing one could wish for your well Being.

        Lots of, lots of happiness and Immense , unlimited nector of bliss in your way !😊😊😊😊💐💐💐💐


      2. Sure however thatmate.com is regularly updating something or other.Thanks for your wishes. Btw I lost 10 kgs! Still, 10 more to go..stay blessed and stay in touch

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      3. Wow that’s great news ! Congratulations for new avatar, I could relate it has transformed your outlook for sure.

        Great going, would love to hear your success story may be in terms of your post.

        Wishing you all good health and goals you are wishing to arrive at 😊😊😊😊👍👍👍


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