आत्मनिर्भर me and Maid of honor!!

The lockdown has made us realize that there are many important things in our lives which we take for granted, the ice cream from Naturals, the ease with which we can travel inside and outside the country, our co-workers and of course the most important part of Indian lives- our domestic help. I am sure…

Happy Independence Day!

6:00 am: Mother hastily comes in my room and asks me to get up. My mother unlike those coy mothers won’t be like beta, get up! In her shrill voice she asked me to get up. I thought she again got a call from my boxing coach for bunking the class in the morning. (Yeah,…

‘Having Period is not a problem, Missing it is’

As a usual habit, the nurse started sending Medical Representatives inside my cabin once the patients were done. The afternoon was about to get over. With mobile & Facebook, I was trying my bes… Source: ‘Having Period is not a problem, Missing it is’

Writing opportunity

Writing enthusiast…here is an opportunity to write for a platform thatmate.com. Interested!? Please comment here 🙂

Sexed pe Charcha!!!

I think the topic of ‘Sex education in India’s like the relationship status of most male engineering students: It is complicated. Generally, the kids are taught this subject by the teacher from Nau… Source: Sexed pe Charcha!!!

No More Buzzing Bees for Next Generation

There are two things which annoy me a lot, a. when people waste food & when people shy away from the word sex. We need to stop wasting food people and start talking about sex! The first time I … Source: No More Buzzing Bees for Next Generation

Why not now??

There has been an unusual amount of controversy on the topic of Sex Education. We know its tough but it has to be addressed. It’s like now or never. While almost everyone seems to agree that sex ed… Source: Why not now??

Myths behind those days of the month!!

As soon as a girl reaches puberty she is introduced to the world of myths about Periods. I have come across most of the myths myself which has always left me shocked, has made me laugh and sometime… Source: Myths behind those days of the month!!

Things they won’t let me say…

10:00 a.m: A typical Sunday morning, the scene is set – study table, laptop and a cup of strong coffee. I am about to start writing my new blog post and Aai (mother in marathi) enters the roo… Source: Things they won’t let me say…

Don’t JUST DO IT !!!

Don’t JUST DO IT !!! ‘We don’t need no education Don’t need to know any birth control Dark sarcasm of all the sex problems No teachers & so the kids are alone All in all its just another … Source: Don’t JUST DO IT !!!