Nothing odd about it…aha!!!

Since last few days, Delhi is in news because of the muffler man Kejriwal. Not only for using abusive words for our PM but also for imposing the odd even rule in Delhi. India is democratic country and people here are free to say anything to anyone. (Arvindji, when you meant psychopath and coward, you didn’t clarify Modiji is psychopath on  odd or even days? #justasking) Here, I am not at all concerned about Mr. Kejriwal’s thoughts about Mr. Modi. However, I am concerned about the imposition and the execution of the odd even rule. I was pretty curious to know the JANTA’s reaction about this rule, so I picked up my phone and called my friends to know their views:

Friend1: What the heck! I already have 2 cars and I don’t mind buying one more. Those two have odd number plates now I will buy one with even number plate.
Friend2: I have a car and a bike, and luckily one is odd and another is even.
Friend3: If ever caught I will pay few bucks to the cops and they won’t remember anything odd about the car.
Friend4: You know like Kiran Rao, my wife was also suggesting me to leave the country. Unlike, Amir I am giving it a thought…You know I am such a good husband, and this is my first and probably the only wedding.
Friend5: I live in Gurgaon, does the rule apply to me!?
Friend6: The car I drive depends on the car my neighbour dirves that day, so if he takes out his duster I take out my CRV. If he takes out his city I make sure to take out my Jetta. So this odd even rule applies to our cars not the number plates
Friend7: As long as my Dilli waali girlfriend (MLA’s Daughter) is dating me, I will get the VVIP status like Mr.Vadra’s.
Friend8: Ohh c’mon! have we ever followed any traffic rules!? We don’t stop when the signal is red, don’t follow the lane culture, always honk on the roads. Do you think we will follow this odd even nonsense?
Friend9: This is a gender biased decision! Delhi is already unsafe for beautiful and single woman like me! How will I feel safe in this otherwise unsafe Delhi?
Friend10: I can make my number plate as flexi number plate 700 on even days and 007 on odd days.


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  1. khansana1000 says:

    lol ! it is difficult to change the mindsets of people,they will find problem to every solution.creative Indians 🙂

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  2. Lavish Garg says:

    Dilli Wali Girlfriend =D =D lol everything will be even :p

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  3. Prakash Johi says:

    Ha ha.. Remarkable.. Just loved it.. Kiran Rao I guess has the best view :p

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    1. Thanks dude for reading 😊😊😊

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  4. Prashant Bhope says:

    Great mind working 360deg

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    1. Thanks Dada!! How do you find the writing?

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  5. Ashik T M says:

    Does this odd-even rule work in Delhi?this may relate to the frequency of the metro trains ..i am eager to see how delhiite gonna take off this even though it’s an initiation to reduce the toxicity of the air pollution..!

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    1. True even i want too see the change

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      1. Ashik T M says:

        Poeple will be having two vehicles,one with odd and other with even lol …

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  6. You write this post intelligently said every thing on the name of friends!
    Wanna know reaction of the writer on this issue !
    What is take of writer of the post on this issue?
    Very well composed reaction of the people, nothing left to include I believe !!

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    1. Thanks where have you been?? Wanted to know your views on this 😊😊 My views..I really like this idea but would be difficult to implement..reasons are obvious

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      1. I don’t know how to reach to your blog, once your name is out of my notification list.
        Today I was free and reading one of the post of blogger saw your comments, than clicked to check how you are doing in blogging, glad to see your new post , read every word with patience, then checked all comments, gone through others reaction, but your crystal clear style was missing!!
        So asked about your reaction ?

        As far as my opinion is concern, I take holistic approach to change, keep apart political influence.
        Any body or any thing which is new , people criticise it.
        If any thing good happens for the masses it’s better. Initially there will be chaos if do any sort of change but again if intentions are good , things will come out good sooner or later. We need to have patience and support good cause.
        One should not make center to himself and than give opinion as per his or her personal benefits, be neutral and have opinion which is in the benefit of larger population and have long term benefits.
        Hope you clue now, on my opinion!

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      2. Yes true..yeah not writing many posts so you could have missed on this…

        Yes didn’t give my opinion as wanted to wait and watch the after effects of implementation…
        Thanks for reading the blog ☺☺☺ Good to see your comments!!

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      3. It’s my pleasure to read your writing, hope everything thing around you is fine.

        Happy new year in advance.

        This year brings you all wisdom , love and peace you wanted in your life .

        God bless you and your family and all your friends and near and dears !☺

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      4. Heyy Happy new Year to you too..for more posts and interesting conversations 🙂

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      5. Yeah it’s always, smile on my face when I am reading your posts and commenting on them !

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  7. anusharamanathan says:

    Great! Madhavi, so glad you shared this!
    Humourous and sharp. Lovely combo. Liked that you did not give your opinion
    Some errors in grammar occur. I hate proofreading my stuff, so you will notice the same in my work :), but see if you can revisit these later.

    Looking forward to reading more by you.

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    1. Thanks Anusha!! I am flattered 😊😊😊 I hate proofreading.. so those errors…so this year’s resolution to read before posting… Hope you have a great year ahead 😊


  8. Sachin says:

    No doubt this is one of the good idea!!! But how to change mind set of Indian people?

    I do have different thought… We always try to criticize or we always try to judge what is right and wrong if implemented by someone…. But we can rather criticizing ideas why we cannot come up with ideas which will not only reduce pollution but also improve air quality…Let’s try to list down few of them.. Like Friday can be no vehicle day? OR Two people need to travel in a car otherwise impose fine? OR Each organization should impose use of company transport facility and so on…

    I think we should start discussing such problems in one of the blog…let others put their opinion and find out working solution through brainstorming…

    Your feedback please!!!

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    1. Thanks Sachin for reading it!! These are really good ideas..and yes we should implement it ourselves and stop criticizing the system always…will think about the next blog based on your suggestions


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